Work with Me

Work with Me

Interested in reaching a wide-reaching and engaged audience of travel lovers from over all over the world?

Readers of Emily Luxton Travels are young, modern, open-minded individuals with a strong interest in travelling, adventure, discovering new cultures, and occasional luxury travel.

The majority of the audience are aged 25-34 and from the UK. Download a media kit for the latest stats, and keep reading for some examples of ways we can work together. Contact me on [email protected] for more details.

Work with Me

Blog Focus Areas

Emily Luxton Travels is one of the UK’s leading travel blogs, focusing largely on solo female travel, adventure, overland travel, food, and fun! The blog has won numerous awards over the years – including Wanderlust Magazine’s Travel Blog of the Year.

Topics and trip styles are diverse, but the main theme overall is about getting to know the world through deeper, more intelligent travel.

Solo Female Travel – Exploring the world alone, facing fears, and examining the way that travel changes us.

Overland Travel: Train trips, road trips, river cruises, etc.

Deep Travel: Cultural experiences and intelligent travel focusing on true understanding. Connecting with locals, delving into the culture, and eating ALL the food in order to really get to know a place! Getting “off the beaten path” to see beyond the tourist hotspots and seek out more authentic experiences.

Food tourism: Exploring new cultures through food. Authentic experiences and eating ‘like a local’.

Adventure: Hiking, biking, outdoor activities, and extreme sports.

Ways to Work With Me…

We can work together on a number of projects, and I’m open to suggestions. So get in touch and let’s get the ball rolling. Potential collaboration opportunities include the following (scroll down for more details and examples).

  1. Freelance writing/Content Production
  2. Reviews: hotels, tours, transport, products, and more.
  3. Press Trips
  4. Sponsored Posts and Advertising
  5. Contests and Giveaways

1 – Hire Me as a Freelance Writer

As a freelance writer with a wide range of capabilities and several years of experience in writing and blogging, I am able to provide high-quality articles to feature on any travel site, magazine or blogs.

I have written hotel reviews for the Telegraph, worked as a contributing author on two published books, and written for a number of online publications. I can cover a range of styles and tones, from location-based articles and travel narratives, to general tips and travel guides, or lighthearted listicles.

2 – Reviews

On occasion, I partner up with great travel brands and businesses that I feel truly fit my blog and audience. I offer thorough and honest reviews for all travel related products and services.

If you have a product, brand, or business that you would like me to review, please get in touch. Everything will be shared and promoted across social media, too – reaching an audience of over 66,000 followers.

Quote - Media Kit Testimonial

I’ve worked with some top brands, among them Eurostar, Thalys, Warwick Hotels, Barbour International, and many others, and have a great deal of experience in writing engaging and honest reviews.

For a full list of my previous work, head over to my Reviews section, or see below for a few examples of my top-performing posts.

Quote - Media Kit Testimonial

3 – Press Events / Trips

Looking for coverage for an upcoming event? Or perhaps you’re after a travel blogger to help promote tourism. I’d love to partner up. I’ve worked with numerous tourist boards, including Marketing Greece and Visit Costa Brava, and they’ve always been very pleased with my work. Below are a few examples:

Festivals Edinburgh:

Participated in a three-day press trip to explore the Edinburgh Jazz Festival. During the trip, I ran a successful social media campaign and staged a social media takeover of the @edfests accounts. After the trip I produced several posts which are continuing to prove popular – Alternative Edinburgh has had 2.6K Pinterest shares to date thanks to the creation of a bespoke Pinnable title image and is receiving an average of 800 hits per month nearly two years after publishing.

Also working with Festivals Edinburgh I took part in the #blogmanay campaign run by Unique Events and Edinburgh Hogmanay. I’ve been informed that I had the second-highest twitter reach for the hashtag #blogmanay during the campaign. One tweet I put out during the torchlight procession received 83 retweets and 99 favourites.

Visit Spain: 

In 2016 I worked closely with Visit Spain on a campaign to promote tourism to the northern regions and the Camino del Norte as an alternative to the Camino Santiago. Five posts were created based on the trip, and my Camino del Norte Guide continues to see steady traffic with at least 320 hits a month.

Other Press Trip examples: 

Visit Centroamérica (CATA)Eat Like a Local in Guatemala

Mark Warner HolidaysLearning to Ski with Mark Warner and Advice for First Time Skiers

Visit South AfricaNine Reasons to Visit Thanda Safari and One Week KZN Itinerary

Wakayama City, JapanSeven Reasons to Visit Wakayama City and My Secret Wakayama City Guide. The former was featured in full in issue 12 of the Blogosphere Magazine.

Wonderful Indonesia’s 2016 Trip of Wonders CampaignCool Things to do in Lombok, Reasons to Visit Bandung, Most Instagrammable Places in Yogyakarta, and Seven Reasons to Visit Raja Ampat.

4 – Sponsored Posts and Advertising

Advertise directly on an award-winning travel blog with a huge and varied audience. Download a media kit to get up-to-date stats including audience and traffic information and follower numbers, and contact me for a list of rates.

5 – Contests and Giveaways

Sponsor a prize draw or competition on Emily Luxton Travels. Giveaways always go down very well with my audience, and the posts tend to get hundreds of shares and entries.

One example was a giveaway sponsored by LakeLovers holiday cottages in the Lake District; it received over 2,800 entries and was the second-best performing post of 2015. View the contest here for an example of how things can work!

If you can think of any other ways you’d like to work with me, please get in touch. I’m open to any suggestions and I’d love to work with you!